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    Darren Solomon


  • live performance

    I regularly perform live around the city, here are some clips!

    H&M x Balmain Runway Show

    I produced the music and DJ'd the show, working with Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing and choreographer Normann Shay.

    3 Legged Dog gallery performance

    Live electronic set with visual artist Matt Romein

    Hip Hop Tribute to Miyazaki

    A night of Hip Hop inspired by Miyazaki films, here featuring Baxter P Wordsworth.

    Aether Dance Company

    Original score for motion capture dance company Aether, performed live at National Sawdust.

  • web projects

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    I created a collaborative music project called In B Flat 2.0

    The videos for the site were created by me and people from all over the world. The project was featured on NPR, CNN, and Google Creative Lab's 87 Cool Things On The Web. Hear my interview on NPR's Weekend Edition.
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    As a visiting artist at Northern State University, I worked with the students to create marker/music, a music and Google map mashup.

    Covid Jamz. A few projects and collabs, to stay creative and connected during quarantine.

    I wrote Everything Bad But Forever, a program written in p5.js that generates an infinitely long drug commercial. Using a data set of the text from 75 actual drug ads, it algorithmically creates weird and horrifying side effects and recites them over a random selection of stock footage. The drug names are generated from a data set of 100 actual product names. Here's some footage of its output.

  • remixes/mashups/tidbits

    assorted tracks for your listening pleasure

  • science for girls

    This is Science For Girls.
    I wrote, produced, and performed most of the album, and each track has a different singer.
    Read an article in Electronic Musician about the production of the album.

  • tours

    I've been fortunate to play bass with a few of the greats, here are some clips!

    With Ray Charles at the Paris Jazz Fest

    With Ray Charles on The Tonight Show

    With Olivia Newton-John on the Dennis Miller Show

    With Barry Manilow Live at Wembley